Your 3 minute Business Health Check

Starting and then growing a business can be overwhelming, intimidating and at times lonely.

Where can you get the right support?

When working with Business Owners to support them in improving their business performance, I will work with them to understand how they are addressing each of the following areas:


  • Do you have personal goals?

  • Are your personal goals aligned to your business goals?

  • Do you have clear goals to improve and grow your business?

  • Do you have clear milestones and outcomes in order to achieve your targets?


  • Do you have finance systems in place which effectively measure your business’ financial performance?

  • Do you review the financial performance of your business on at least a monthly basis?

  • Do you understand the key financial drivers for business success?

  • Can you forecast with reasonable certainty the future financial performance of your business over the next 6-12 months?

Current Clients:

  • Do you know who your top Clients are?

  • Are you actively developing and cultivating your existing Client relationships?

New Clients:

  • Do you know who your target Client is?

  • Do you have a marketing plan underway to win new Clients?

  • Are you reviewing your plan on a consistent basis?

Process and Systems:

  • Are you dependent on key staff to get things done?

  • Are you, or one of your staff working excessive hours?

  • Do you have a person who can run your business when you are away?

Self Improvement:

  • Do you have an understanding of key concepts related to developing and managing a business?

  • Do you dedicate time on a weekly basis to develop your skills and mindset in order to improve and grow your business?

Transcend is a team of experienced business advisors and mentors that provides a support network to business owners who are looking to grow their business, improve efficiency or increase profitability. For more information refer to

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