How to improve Your bottom line - Strategy 1 - Lead Conversion

Updated: Mar 9

Based on our experience supporting small business owners, in less than an hour, we are confident we can find at least a 10% improvement to Your bottom line. What’s our secret sauce? We ask questions. We listen to Your answers on how and why Your business is not performing. We confirm Your answers with Your financials, and look at the key drivers of Profit:

  1. Cost Structure

  2. Pricing

  3. Lead Conversion

  4. Lead Generation

We then make recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of one or more of these drivers. Let’s look at one as an example – Lead Conversion. A number of the business owners we talk to, when discussing profitability issues, believe they need to promote their business more to generate more Leads which will translate into additional Revenue and increased Profit. That is their answer. They are right. But is it the most efficient way to get more customers? While more Leads should convert to more Revenue, they come at a Cost – for promotion. What if You were to be able to convert more of the Leads You are already getting at minimal or no additional Cost? Let’s look at an example…

  • A Real Estate business currently delivering 240 leads per annum – an average of 20 per month

  • The business was currently converting 1 in 5 leads to customer – an average of 4 per month

  • The business changed ONLY the conversion rate from 20% to 25% by improving the way they interacted with prospects and the information they provided – to an average of 5 per month

  • This resulted in an additional 1 customer per month at $9600 per purchase

  • Generating additional Revenue of $115.2 K per annum at 10% margin

  • Resulting in an additional $11,520 per annum to the bottom line

Would it be worth a 1 hour chat to understand how to add at least 10% to your bottom line? Contact us Transcend is a team of experienced business coaches supporting You and Your business' growth. For more information refer to

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