Health Checks

The Business Health Check service is specifically designed to help you take control of your business and secure even better results.  Using the service, Transcend will help you identify the ‘weak links’ in your business and define a plan to improve performance.

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Advisory Services

Based on experience running service delivery organisations, professional services businesses and large projects, Transcend can help ensure you deliver on time and on budget whilst meeting your project objectives.

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Performance Review

Having assisted you to build the plan, your Transcend advisor meets with you every month or quarter, as agreed, to keep you accountable to your Plan, KPI’s and financials. 

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Flexible Payment Planning


Assistance in writing a business plan or a plan to commercialise a product - one that can be followed easily and that can be altered as your business grows or comes across challenges.

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Renovation Tools

Process Improvement

Based on their experience working with technology, Transcend can provide guidance and support to your business on how to use technology to grow or to support the scaling of your business – to improve revenue, reduce costs, or enhance efficiencies.

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